Adhesive cement primer for durable bonding of cement plaster to the surface
Cement plaster
Smooth surface
for exterior and interior works
Regulates absorption capacity of the surface
Creates rough highly adhesive surface
Manual and mechanical application
What is Adhesive Contact?
This is the first priming layer, designed to ensure that the cement plaster adheres firmly to the surface.
What Are Regulatory Documents Requirements?
  • Clause 7.2 If cement and lime-cement plasters are used, apply a mineral primer or a spray coat.
  • GOST R 57984 clause For smooth, dense surfaces, an effective bonding of plaster can be achieved … by applying a mineral adhesive bridge, spray-on plaster.

It is used to prepare surfaces such as:

Ceramic bricks

Silica bricks

Rubble masonry

Old brickwork

Concrete (reinforced concrete)

Expanded-clay concrete blocks

Cellular concrete

Cement plaster

What issues does Adhesive Contact solve?
  • Regulates absorption capacity of the surface
  • Prevents cement plaster from peeling
  • Prevents cracks in cement plaster
Adhesive Contact - an essential part of a cement plaster system
it is used with such products as::
  • Bau Putz Zement
    cement plaster for interior and exterior works
  • Unter Bau
    cement plaster
  • Bau Block
    plaster/putty for levelling and repair of cellular concrete blocks
  • Prima Interier
    premium class plaster
  • Bergauf Praktik
    Cement plaster for interior worksт
  • Bergauf Praktik
    Cement plaster
  • Bergauf Praktik
    Composite plaster
It is used in all areas of construction such as:
Plants and factories
Residential blocks of flats
Cottages and private homes
Shopping centres
Educational institutions


Why us
  • Create rough highly adhesive surface
  • Level absorption capacity of the surface
  • Comprehensive solution for BERGAUF cement plasters
  • Compliance with applicable rules and regulations
  • Use on different mineral surfaces
Bergauf Adhesive Contaсt- s your guarantee for the quality of work done when plastering with cement plasters.