Elastic adhesive
For large slabs of any size
Frost resistance 150 cycles
Withstands deformations and loads
For interior and exterior works

What is Maxiflex?

This is a highly elastic adhesive that can withstand the following types of deformation:
Deformation of slabs

Deformation of footing

Deformation caused by temperature changes

Target audience

  • Individuals for the repair of apartments in new buildings
  • Professional market of construction teams
  • Developers of private houses and their owners


Unique properties of Maxiflex ensure its multi-functional use in various fields

For large facing slabs
Facing slabs are subject to constant temperature differences that causes their deformation
For new builds
House settling that impairs the tile integrity due to deformation of footing surface

For surfaces subject to high deformation
Footings subject to constant loading as well as deforming surfaces such as plywood or wooden footing
For areas subject to constant temperature differences
Premises/buildings subject to constant temperature changes followed by slab deformation
Typical applications of Maxiflex

Distinctive features of Maxiflex adhesive as compared to conventional adhesives

Maxiflex adhesive
Conventional adhesive

Basic properties:

  • Fiber-reinforced

  • Withstands any deformations and loads

  • For interior and exterior works

  • Frost resistance 150 cycles

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