high impact
(forms a single structure
with concrete base)
high wear
About Boden Korund
Boden Korund is a dry mortar designed for coating of concrete floors creating a high-strength surface with improved wear resistance. For the best result we recommend to use the material in combination with curing additives

The topping is designed for use on specialized industrial objects, as well as in private construction

Benefits of using the topping
  • High impact resistance
  • Makes the top layer of the surface waterproof, thereby facilitating cleaning
  • The coating makes the floor more resistant to cold temperatures
  • High wear resistance
  • Floor durability increases due to greater strength
  • An effective way to reduce the amount of dust built up
Coating of concrete mix of class B22.5 (M300) with the topping allows to brings its properties to class B65 (M900), that is, the strength of the coating increases 3 times!

The treated surface is able to withstand high static and dynamic loads for a longer period of time, provided that the optimal composition is chosen for specific conditions of use and application procedure is complied with

Bergauf Boden Korund
Your floor is not afraid of being run by a plane, or even loaded truck!
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